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Korean Idols’ Managers Actually Don’t Earn Much At All!

As fans of KPOP, we would do anything and everything to get as close as we can to our favourite idols such as getting a job whereby we can stick close to them. Example jobs include becoming a stylist, broadcasting crew or the idol’s manager.

Sure, it will be awesome to stick by our beloved celebrities at all times but not all the glitters is gold. It was recently revealed that managers don’t really earn much money at all.

A group of celebrity managers went onto an episode of JTBC’s Jobs and shared their monthly salaries. The show helps bring to light every aspect of certain jobs which many people may not see or know.

According to Koreaboo, the managers explained that entry-level managers only earn KRW1 million to KRW1.5 million (RM3,600 to RM5,400) per month, which is very low in their money.

Typical fresh graduates earn roughly KRW2 million (RM7,200)!

With a few years of experience, the manager can be promoted to team leaders who earn about KRW2 million to KRW3 million (RM7,200 to RM10,800).

After being promoted to chief managers only do they earn around KRW5 million to KRW6 million (RM18,200 to RM21,800).

Thankfully, the perk of working in this line is that managers don’t need to spend money on personal expenses because the company provides them all.

Managers get a car and company credit card which the manager can use for any and all expenses during the idols’ promotions.

Han Kyung Ho and Park Myung Soo | Source: Daebakkkpop

Comedian Park Myung Soo’s manager, Han Kyung Ho, has been working in this industry for 15 years now and his salary is around KRW7 million (RM25,400).

Meanwhile, actress Han Eun Jung’s manager, Yoo Geun Young, earns about KRW4 million after 12 years of working together. Thankfully, Eun Jung is a very generous person and she proved it by gifting him an important car and luxury watch!

Watch this clip from Happy Together to see why she did so:

Of course, managing a single celebrity isn’t easy. Imagine the idol groups’ managers who have to take care of multiple people at once. Just like how idols’ schedules are always filled with lots of activities, the managers who have to be with them throughout all these things are also constantly overworked.

Hopefully, the managers can get enough rest as well.

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