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Last-minute Feng Shui Tips to Welcome an Xtra Prosperous 2019

This year, Earth is the most favourable element, symbolising a mediator to integrate all the good forces and elements.

More people will realise the potential of achieving a Win-Win-Win situation leading to more progressive and happy events taking place throughout the year.

Even if Chinese New Year is just around the corner, it is not too late make changes to create positive energy flows in our homes.

Malaysians can use these easy tips and preparations to set up their homes in a proper condition, welcoming good fortune for the year ahead.

1. Earthy colours to spruce up your living space

The amber tone Spiced Honey, a brownish-earthy colour, is the 2019 Good Feng Shui® Colour of the Year.

Using similar coloured items in the Southern or central area of your home can help enhance your luck for better wealth, career, and people relationships.

Choose an array of earthy-coloured decorative items to be placed in those areas.


2. Bring in the light, let the air flow

Allowing natural light and ensuring good air flow in your living space will welcome the good Feng Shui energy into your home as well.

Not only does this improve your incoming fortune and prosperity, but it has health benefits too. Our bodies react to energies produced by light and air, which could either nourish or drain you.

So open your windows, use an air purifier or place plants within your house to maintain the quality of air in your home.

“Health is wealth”, so reorganising your living space in such a manner will not only ensure the well-being of the people residing in the house but also benefit guests who visit during the festive season.



3. Clear the clutter to welcome a prosperous new year

Cleaning the house before Chinese New Year has been a long-observed tradition.

The presence of clutter contributes to financial jams and cash flow problems while dusty, unused or damaged items block good flow of energy.

Therefore, cleaning and de-cluttering your home signifies the clearing up of your financial pathways while driving away the bad luck away from your living space. This also allows for new positive energy to fill the area.

If you have had a good year in 2018, start cleaning from the main entrance and work inwards your house to retain the positive energy and bring it over to 2019.

If 2018 was challenging for you, begin the cleaning process from the most inner part of your house and all the way out of the main door to remove all the accumulated negative energy.

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