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Lazada 11.11.19 Is Back, These Are The 11 Must Buy Deals You Should Definitely Purchase!

Lazada 11.11 is back with biggest deals ever. More deals, more lower prices that we can’t get enough of it! With such crazy prices, you’ll be spending the whole day scrolling over the website and hit the “BUY NOW” button. 

We list down 11 Must-Buy totally worthy items you should definitely purchase on Lazada 11.11!

1. Toshiba Washing Machine

Price: RM 1,999.00 RM 969.00

Thinking of buying a new washing machine? Look no further cause we have found the best one for you, with a reasonable price. This 7.5 kg front load real inverter washertoshiba tecnology leads to a great saving, color protecting and amazing performance. 

2. Midea 1.5hp Air Conditioner

Price: RM 1,399.00 RM 879.00

This is the best deal for you, comes with a self-cleaning, turbo cooling, dual filtration, Midea 1.5hp air conditioner guaranteed to give the best ambiance and air in your home. Imagine sitting on a sofa, breath in a cool clean air mood..

3. Carote Grade Silicone Scoop

Price: 34.80 RM 17.00

This is the best bargain! If you’re obsessed with cooking, you should know how crazy it is to shop for an efficient and handy cooking utensils. Lucky that we finally found the best one for ya. It is such an excellent non stick scoop and definitely perfect for the non-stick pots and pans. 

4. Electric Chainsaw Chain Saw Stand Kits Bar

Price: RM 240.00 RM 80.80

What’s the best way to decorate your home? Of course by DIY ( do-it- yourself), this electric chain saw set is an economic and easy to adapt and it even comes with plastic handle for better control!

5. Bio-Life Glucosamine 750mg 30s

Price: RM 39.99 RM 20.99

Your body needs vitamin and there’s none other than Glucosamine. It is important in glycosaminoglycans and glycoproteis production, which are the essential building blocks of joints, including tendons, cartilage and synovial fluid. It’s only 20.99! You should definitely stock a few of these in your cabinet, for your sake of health..

6. Dreamtale Women Handbag

Price: RM 64.90 29.90

We all dream of having that all in one chic stylish handbag, where you can just wear to any occasion and it will still look appropriately and effortlessly beautiful . This chic stylish black handbag comes with 6 compartments with an adjustable strap. Easy for you to stuff and fit anything in it, whether it’s your smart phone or even your cool gadgets like Ipad, cosmetics and just literally anything! This is definitely the“it” bag. 

7.  2017 Watches Men Luxury Brand Pagani

Price: RM 64.90 RM 29.99


This luxury watch can be a a good choice for a gift or decoration, it comes with a super excellent vintage design and is a very useful accessory for your look. It has that “punk style” with little bit of mysterious, suitable for those with edgy cool taste. 

8. Elegants Rhinestone Faux Pearl Ear Stud Earrings

Price: RM 9.00 RM 1.66

They say, diamond’s are girl’s best friend. This exclusive rhinestone is a perfect accessories for you. Looking glam and elegant classy, the ultimate collection to add to your chic style. 

9. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion 

Price: RM 138.00 RM 32.56

What’s not to like with Clinique yellow moisturizer. Voted as the no 1 best seller skincare of all time, this moisturizer keeps your skin hydrates all day long. It absorbs quickly and strengthen skin’s own moisture barrier. It certainly gives you that youthful-looking glow, say hello to your 20 years old youthful skin!

10. Dyson Hair Dryer

Price: RM 1, 799.00 RM 799.00

The Dyson Supersonichair dryer is engineered to protect hair from extreme heat damage, with fast drying and controlled styling. It has become the no 1 bestseller products since it was launched. With built-in extreme heat protection this one definitely help to  maintain your hair’s natural shine. 

11. Samsung Galaxy A30s (4GB RAM + 64GB ROM)

Price: RM 899.00 RM 749.00

Looking for a smartphone with such a reasonably lower price? Samsung Galaxy A 30 is the answer for you, With . Wider screen, triple camera and stunning selfies, you’ be amazed with it. Plus,  power up battery all day, all night long! 

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