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Let’s Jungle Your School Holiday Up At One Utama Shopping Mall!

School’s out, scream and shout! Looking for some exhilirating activities to do with your kids for this school holiday but don’t want to leave the city?

One Utama Shopping Mall has the perfect event for kids and even adults! Let’s Jungle Up is a jungle themed playground and workshop which provides fun-filled activities for you all.

Imagine swinging around like Tarzan and rolling in hamster balls on water. So fun!

This school holiday, One Utama Shopping Mall has prepared a variety of indoor playground activities such as the Hoverboard Go Kart, Hand Paddle Waterboard, Roller Orb, Traversing, Water Orb, Hat Making, Mask Making and many more!

Image via One Utama

Image via One Utama

These activities seems very fun and it’s all in indoor too. 

All these fun filled activities are located at LG, Oval, New Wing. The whole event will last from 14th March until 25th March. So, be sure to go there with your kids, friends or cousins this school holiday.

Although these activities are fun, there’s a catch too.

All the fun activities and games are not free of charge unless you are a One Utama member. To be a member, you must sign up for a OneCard or OneCard Kids.

Only then can you play all the games for free!

If becoming a member seems too much of a commitment for you, there’s another option.

What you can do is just spend a minimum of RM150 on any OneCard participating outlets. Then you are entitled to play the games. Just remember to show the receipt(s) as proof of purchase.

According to the terms and condition, all the activities are open only for kids aged between 5 and 12 years old. So, for kids who are younger than 5 or older than 12, you cannot take part in these activities. 🙁 

Apart from all the activities for the kids, there is also a small flea market selling handmade bags, ice cream, gadgets, swim wear and many more. So, when your kids are playing at the indoor playground, adults can shop at the flea market too.

So, for all parents who live in the Klang Valley, feel free to drop by One Utama Shopping Mall, LG Oval from 14th to 25th March! Your kids will definitely have the best time of their lives.

For more information, check out One Utama Shopping Mall’s Facebook page

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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