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Make Recycling Fun By Turning Plastic And Trash Into Gold!

Recycling is a trend nowadays as Mother Earth is getting sicker day by day. 

However, instead of recycling through the traditional way which is to place them into different categories then throw them into different dustbins, we can now spice up this outdated method.

What if we can convert all our plastic bottles and containers into gold? 


Recycling is an ongoing effort that everyone in the world takes part in in order to keep the Earth clean from pollution and destruction. To encourage Malaysians to make recycling a habit, HelloGold has invented a reverse vending machine that turns plastic into gold.

According to Vulcan Post, HelloGold’s collaboration with KLEAN has led to the launching of a recycling scheme that give Malaysians 0.00059 grams of investment-grade gold in exchange for each recycled bottle or plastic can.

The main point is that you don’t actually get the gold physically as it will be locked in a Singaporean vault. 

Image via HelloGold

CEO and co-founder Robin Lee said that:

“Emerging economies across Asia are dealing with increasing plastic use and consumption.

“Without adequate recycling infrastructure or habits in place, these plastics end up in landfills and oceans destroying the environment.

HelloGold’s partnership with KLEAN will incentivise people to clean up the environment, while accessing new financial products such as gold.”

Nick Boden, CEO of KLEAN, said:

“Plastic waste is increasing around the world, yet recycling rates remain low. Through this partnership, we aim to encourage greater recycling by showing Malaysians the potential wealth and money that lies around our communities, in our landfills and floats in our oceans.”

These vending machines will be available at 40 venues all across Klang Valley by July and 500 machines across Malaysia by the end of the year. 

To use this vending machine, it converts bottles or cans into credits and users can choose to convert those credits into gold through the HelloGold app.

If you are not a fan of gold, you can swap credits for airtime, smart card credit and food vouchers too!

That’s super convenient and environmental friendly.

HelloGold and KLEAN are planning to expand their machines to other countries like Singapore and South Africa as this is a good idea for the aunties and uncles who recycle for a living. They will be able to turn recycling directly into income.

This is because some middlemen that take a huge cut for themselves and it is always unfair for the aunties and uncles. 

For those who are interested in the ‘turn plastic into gold’ vending machine, be sure to download the app in either Google Playstore or Apple Store when it’s out, then you are good to go! 

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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