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Making Cendol the new Boba?

Everyone by now must have at least heard of the latest boba craze in Malaysia right? In fact, there are people out there who make this trend as a life mission in finding the best boba ever! The trend is so crazy that SS15, Subang Jaya that holds more than 12 boba powerhouse brands within the streets are labelled as Bubble Tea Street by locals.

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Among all bobas, the most well-loved and often sought is the brown sugar boba milk; be it topped with creme brulee or many others. However, as more locals are starting to jump onto the boba hype train, many thinks that the Taiwan-originated drink is simply an overpriced version of cendol

You know cendol right? The one dessert that all Malaysians can agree as the superior dessert of all. Cendol is an shaved ice sweet dessert that is served with unique droplets of green rice flour jelly made from pandan, glazes with creamy coconut milk and delicate palm sugar syrup. It is such a perfect treat especially to combat the blazing hot whether of Malaysia.

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The subdued debate only made viral in Twitter when a user by the username @MelayuIntrovert tweeted that reads “Cendol actually has the potential to gain popularity internationally just like brown sugar boba milk. Just need better branding, packaging, marketing. Market as vegan and cruelty free because only coconut milk is used. It’s even customizable with toppings (e.g durian). Make it happen!”

The tweet has gained major attention from other netizens and currently being retweeted by 14k Twitter users. Many agrees on this statement like @forkdotmy  that tweeted “Brown sugar milk tea is just a hipster cendol with cow milk instead of coconut ??FITE ME!” while a large number be at variance.

Twitter users @anismaiyyy and @AdliYuki quote retweeted, disagreeing to the idea mainly because it’d markup the price of the local’s treasure dessert by saying “AAAA I’M NOT PAYING RM10 FOR CENDOL! LEAVE CENDOL ALONE :C” and “Please don’t. I don’t want to pay premium price for Cendol, just keep those boba tea fever away from Cendol” respectively

@MelayuIntrovert is currently running a poll to see which is the superior dessert. So, are you #teamboba or #teamcendol?

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