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Malaysian DJ Posts Photos of Her Wounds Caused by Abusive Boyfriend

Most of the people who live in Asia would be familiar with the name Leng Yein as she is one of the top female DJs and models in Asia.

But recently, her name has become the top trending topic in Malaysia and Asia for a different reason. What happened was, she posted a Facebook live video of her arguing with her abusive boyfriend!

And things were extremely intense.

Leng Yein is a famous female DJ who has done lots of tours and DJ sessions in nightclubs all over Asia. She is known for her sexy image as she is always seen in bikinis and super short hot pants while DJ-ing in nightclubs.

Besides, she is also famous for being the princess of plastic surgery for she did at least 10 surgeries when she was just 29 years old.

Image via JUICEOnline

Despite demure look, she is a strong and independent women. She was raised in a single family because her dad passed away when she was still young.

To support herself and her family, she come out to the working world while still young.

Leng Yein was married before to a man named Thomas in 2010. Since then, she was involved in three relationships, including her current abusive boyfriend.

Image via The Merlions

On March 23rd, Leng Yein posted a Facebook live video of her requesting help from netizens and she accused her boyfriend, Peter Siew, for beating and abusing her.

Unfortunately, many netizens thought that she was just being a drama queen throughout the 12-minute video while she cried and screamed for help.

Several hours after her live video, Leng Yein posted a long statement describing how her abusive boyfriend had hit her for the past two years. She even posted a few distressing pictures of her covered in blood after being abused by her boyfriend. 

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

Leng Yein even described how her boyfriend who is apparently a lawyer threatened her by asking his father to kill her and family if she left him.

According to Leng Yein, she said that her boyfriend has connections with local legal systems and police enforcement, so she cannot report to the police when the abuse started. 

This incident definitely gives all women a wake up call on domestic violence as it can happen anywhere in this country and to anybody at all.

Image via Facebook

Leng Yein has expressed that she has realised her mistake of allowing the abuse to continue for two years. Now, she finally stood up for herself and asks other women to get help from local authorities or call +603 7956 3488 for the Women Aid Organization too if they are being abused.

For those who haven’t watch Leng Yein’s video, you can do so here. However, be warned that the content may be too disturbing for some to handle.


Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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