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Malaysian Team Takes Home Gold Medal in Asian Pastry Cup

It was a gruelling eight hours for the Malaysian two-man team during the Asian Pastry Cup 2018 but every ounce of effort they put in truly paid off.

The two man team, Tan Wei Loon, Executive Pastry Chef from Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia and Otto Tay, Corporate Chef from Dobla Asia Co. Ltd, which was led by Patrick Siau, came home with the GOLD medal and totally made us all proud.

They also won the titles “Best Display Award” and “Best Plated Dessert” making them the top pâtissier in Asia.

Winning this competition also allows the duo to enter the “Olympics” of the pastry industry – the World Pastry Cup (Coupe du Monde de la Pâttiserie) which will be held in Lyon, France in January, 2019.

Unlike the typical Olympics though, this one is held every two years, and Team Malaysia will have to face 21 other teams then.

Chef Tan is truly humbled too by the experience in the Asian Pastry Cup.

He said,

“It is an honour to have won the Asian Pastry Cup, and we are humbled to be representing Malaysia at the global stage.

“We will work up to the hilt to achieve greater results in the World Pastry Cup, and also to elevate Malaysian pastries to international heights.”

Sponsored by the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia, Sunway University and Dobla Asia Co. Ltd., the duo were able to advance to the next level.

The competition places 12 Asian countries against each other. Each team must come up with  3 entremets (chocolate cakes), 18 plated desserts, 1 sugar showpiece and 1 chocolate showpiece within just 8 hours!

Taking inspiration from the Japanese culture, Team Malaysia added elements and characters from the Kabuki performing arts into their designs. This meant going the extra mile in preparing for the competition which wowed the judges at their extraordinary efforts.

Chef Tay’s intricate chocolate sculpture also captured the hearts of the judges as it portrayed the graceful movements of a Kabuki performer. Exceptionally painted with bright colours, the usually lustreless chocolate showpiece was brought to life. 

Chef Tay explained that it was a make or break piece. If even a single piece of chocolate was out of place, the whole sculpture would not have remained standing.

“It was indubitably strenuous to build the sculpture and keep it stable as the support point was very small. If we didn’t measure everything accurately down to the last millimetre, the sculpture would collapse.

“Most people might think that the showpieces are supported with pre-made stands, but for competitions they must be made of 100% chocolate or sugar.”


It’s safe to say our Malaysian team fought against some of the toughest teams out there and came out on top.

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