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Dear Malaysians, You NEED to Know These 10 Things When You Vote

The 14th General Election is coming up very soon and the whole nation is in the midst of preparing for it.

For those of you who will be voting for the first time, there are actually lots of rules and regulations to follow on the day of voting!

Here are 10 important things you must do before AND during the polling day.

1. Bring your Identity Card

Image via Lowyat

It’s important to bring your IC along on the day of voting as the SPR committees will need to verify your details by checking your IC. So, remember to bring your IC and keep it safely with you on the voting day.

A small tip is; you can use a card holder to keep all your important documentations in it such as your IC, driving license and some small notes of money.


2. Don’t wear clothes with any parties’ logo

Image via Sweet Couch

During the day of voting, just wear a simple T-shirt will be good enough and prevent from wearing any parties’ logo shirt because it might evoke sensitivities.

It is better to wear a plain coloured T-shirt.


3. Dress decently!

Image via Zalora

Remember to dress decently because if you’re not wearing proper outfits, the SPR officials have the right to deny entry to you.

Avoid wearing clothes like singlets, slippers and shorts or skirts. To ensure everything goes smoothly, wear long pants and toe-covered shoes.


4. Don’t doodle on your ballot paper! 

It’s important to keep your ballot paper clean. Do NOT doodle on it.

If there are any stains or marks on the paper, the particular ballot paper will no longer be valid. Hence, the vote will not be counted and all your efforts will end up being a waste.

In fact, before you even cast your vote, remember to check your ballot paper thoroughly for any of these spots. If it is tainted with any sort of ink that’s not supposed to be there, you must request for a new ballot paper.

Also, if in case you’ve accidentally marked the wrong box, you should also ask for a new ballot paper.


5. Phones are prohibited inside the voting station

Image via Grid.ID

Now, don’t gatal-gatal take Insta Stories or go on Facebook Live just to show off that you’re voting. Yes, it may be the trend to do so but once you’re inside the voting room, you cannot use your phone at all.

You may bring the phone in but you absolutely cannot answer any phone calls. Also, remember to mute it!


6. Reach the voting hall earlier

Image via CCTV

We may have the Malaysian timing ingrained in all of us but being late on voting day is the last thing we should do.

There will be many people because everyone from a whole area will be in the same place on the same day so it is inevitable to queue up. However, if you want to avoid being in line for too long, simply go earlier.

Voting starts at 8am so it’ll be good to be on time.


7. The ballot paper must have a serial number

Image via SAYS

Remember to check for official serial number on your ballot paper as the ballot paper without serial number is not valid.

If your ballot paper does not have a serial number, remember to ask for a change of new ballot paper!


8. The ballot paper must have an official stamp

Image via SeniorsAloud

Every valid ballot paper has an official stamp to verify it’s validity.

Be sure to check your ballot paper before you cast your vote for official stamp. If the ballot paper does not have an official stamp or the stamp is not fully visible, remember to ask for a new one from the SPR officials.


9. Draw the ‘X’ INSIDE the square

Source: Online

It’s important to draw an X inside the given square. Don’t try to act smart by drawing O’s, pretty flowers and drawings, or even your signature.

Only the X’s are acceptable!


1o. Your left index finger and nails must be clean

Image via SAYS

If you have any nail polish on your fingernails, be sure to remove it before you cast your vote. It’s important to leave your left index finger and fingernail clean because you must dip your finger in indelible ink just before voting at the station.

Make sure your nails are absolutely clean, especially the left index finger.



There are many things that we need to take note of on polling day but it’s all for the future of our beloved country, Malaysia. Just remember these 10 things and you’re good to go on May 9th. 

Happy Voting Malaysians!

Written by: Chan Suet Yee 

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