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MAS Responds to Live Review of Flight From Kuala Lumpur to London

A German travel vlogger has alleged that he was “bullied” and denied service onboard by Malaysia Airlines’ cabin crew after he posted a negative review of the flight on Instagram.

Josh Cahill, who runs travel and aviation blog GoTravelYourWay, called the 14-hour flight from Kuala Lumpur to London “the worst flight of my life” in a video that was recently posted to his YouTube channel.

At the time of writing, the video has racked up over 62,000 views.

Cahill – a frequent flyer who reportedly takes about 150 flights a year – had first pointed out the issues he faced on the flight in an Instagram post he had published midway through the journey

In the post, which was published on the day of said flight on 24 September, Cahill noted that the food was “dreadful” and served on a “sticky and filthy” tray. He also wrote that the cabin crew neglected to fix his faulty in-flight entertainment system.

He wrote,

“I’m only halfway through my flight to London and I can already say that this is the most disappointing flight of the year.

“Very unfriendly crew (where did the amazing Malaysian hospitality go?), broken in-flight entertainment (asked the crew to fix it and they never got back to me) which leaves me 13 hours without entertainment, dreadful food served on a sticky and filthy tray and on top of that I was probably assigned the worst seat on that plane…

“Sorry @malaysiaairlines but this was/is a really poor performance. Stayed tuned for the full review, soon on my YouTube!

“However, Malaysia will always be my favourite country ??❤️”


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