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McDonald’s and RMHC Give 17,000 Malaysian Children New Sets of School Attire

More than 17,000 primary school children are set to be recipients of school packs, an initiative under the annual “Back-to-School” programme spearheaded by McDonald’s Malaysia and Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education Malaysia.

The “Back-to-School” programme is one of several corporate social responsibility activities under McDonald’s second year of running its Community Month – [email protected] & RMHC – which was launched in October last year.

This is a dedicated month-long effort specifically for children-oriented activities in view of Malaysia’s Children’s Day which is celebrated annually on the last Saturday of October.

Managing Director and Local Operating Partner of McDonald’s Malaysia, Azmir Jaafar, said,

“This Back-to-School programme is very significant and meaningful because it provides assistance to primary school children from underprivileged and urban poor families, thus easing the financial burden of the families.

“Children and parents from urban poor communities should not have to worry about whether they have the financial means to purchase uniforms and shoes in order to attend school.

“For McDonald’s and RMHC, we want to play our part by taking away those concerns, so that the children can look forward to the new school year with confidence.”  

Through the “Back-to-School” programme, McDonald’s Malaysia, RMHC, as well as franchisees and business partners will provide more than 17,000 urban poor primary school children nationwide with new sets of school attire for the 2019 school year session worth RM100 each.

Each child will receive 1 set of school uniform, 1 pair of school shoes, and a school bag.

Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik was the guest of honour at the official presentation of the “Back-to-School” packs held at Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Bandaraya, which also saw teachers and students from 18 other schools present for the ceremony.

Dr Maszlee added that the private sector plays a pivotal role in achieving the aspirations of the country’s education system. He said,

“On behalf of the Ministry of Education Malaysia, I would like to congratulate McDonald’s Malaysia, RMHC, as well as the franchisees and business partners for supporting the needs of urban poor school children.

“All parties must come together to develop a holistic, robust, and advanced education system. This includes partnerships with the private sector to run talent development programmes, vocational training, and for funding support.

“We are glad that McDonald’s Malaysia and RMHC are doing their part today in extending a helping hand to our young generation, who are the foundation of change for a better and brighter future.

“We all need to work together towards instilling the culture of happiness, love, and mutual respect in our pursuits to develop positive learning environments.”

Total expected value of the contribution under the “Back-to-School” programme this year is more than RM1.7 million.

This year’s programme is also in collaboration with McDonald’s partners as they recognise how this programme will make a positive impact to the community surrounding their respective businesses.

The participating business partners are Kerry Ingredients, Guppy Plastic Industry, Eppor-Pack, Aladdin Pacific, McCain International, Aryzta Malaysia, as well as McDonald’s franchisees.  

Azmir, who is also president of RMHC, added,

“It’s indeed very encouraging to see our business partners coming onboard with this year’s programme, as it reflects how we all have similar beliefs with the ultimate goal of giving confidence to children in starting the new school year.

“On behalf of McDonald’s and RMHC, I wish to express my gratitude to all our partners who share our vision in impacting the lives of children for the better.”

Apart from the “Back-to-School” programme, the October Community Month also spans McDonald’s restaurants nationwide giving back to their local communities through more than 170 programmes.

Restaurant team members carried out month-long activities which include taking children from orphanages and special needs homes for various fun-filled trips to places like the petting zoo and butterfly farm; visits to children’s hospital wards; spring cleaning orphanage homes ahead of the Deepavali celebration; and hosting children at McDonald’s restaurants to celebrate Children’s Day.

McDonald’s staff at the head office have also been doing their part by sprucing up two schools, participating in a blood donation drive, and visiting paediatric wards in mid-October.

Lastly, Azmir said,

“At McDonald’s Malaysia, we are committed in our efforts to make a positive impact in the communities that we live and operate in.

“We encourage our restaurant crew to carry out engagement activities throughout the year to help wherever we can and to keep our finger on the pulse of the local community we are serving.”

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