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Thanks to the common fear of spiders, many people have created multiple memes when it comes to spotting one of those arachnids. The most common meme would be to burn the whole house down when a spider is spotted in our own home.

Indeed, it has been a running joke since its inception for the longest of time now, but who knew a meme would one day ring true?

It was a casual Sunday for most people but for this particular man in California, America, it was probably the most WTF day in his life.

A common wolf spider appeared in the room of a man whose identity was not disclosed, Daily Mail reported. He panicked and decided to use a torch lighter to burn the creepy-crawly to death.

Unfortunately, things went a little too out of hand to the point where the fire spread around the room and into his closet.

The terrified man and two other residents had to evacuate the apartment building immediately. Firefighters arrived soon enough and took about 30 minutes to put it out.

Luckily, no one was injured in this incident and the fire did not spread out of their unit. However, the damage to the house itself was pretty bad as it set them back by US$11,000 (RM44,097).

Lyndsey Wisegarver, a caregiver for one of the men living in the apartment said that the incident took place in an  bedroom upstairs.

Source: Dailymail

Lyndsey said,

“It was a huge wolf spider.”

Apparently, the spider had ran a nearby mattress and the bed subsequently caught fire. It was unclear as to where the spider was before it was vehemently set aflame.

The tenants were able to extinguish the blazing bed with a garden hose but the fire continued to spread to the curtains and other materials in the room.

Battalion Chief Rob Pitt told the press that it took his men less than 20 minutes to extinguish the flames, and that the fire did not spread to neighbouring apartments.

However, it seems like Lyndsey and the two men aren’t TOO upset about the damage. Apparently, they’ve been meaning to move out for a while now.

When asked about how they will manage, she replied,

“We’ll make it work.”

Though wolf spiders aren’t deadly, their bites still hurt a lot. Also, who the heck wouldn’t freak out if there really was a spider in our own room right?!

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