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Minister of Defence Mat Sabu’s Home a Humble Abode

Living the life of a politician in Malaysia would usually mean being spoilt with riches. Now, with a new Malaysia in place, it seems like the ministers are also living a new and humble lifestyle.

Recently, pictures of our new defence minister’s home went viral. Mohamad Sabu or more fondly known as Mat Sabu was caught living in a modest terrace home and driving a Perodua Viva, one of the cheapest cars in Malaysia.

Ohbulan reported that in the morning of May 23rd, 2018, government officials where tasked to escort the newly appointment Minister of Defence from his home to the office.

Many men and cars surrounded the ordinary neighbourhood while waiting for Mat Sabu to exit his home.

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However, what truly caught the eye of netizens is his simple life. Everyone flooded the comments section with nothing but praises for the man.

Some of them where also truly amazed by how a politician could stick to being a moderate person. The comments include,

“He’s so chill with a Viva in his porch. Such a big difference between him and the minister before.”

“Living in only a terrace house…you’re great, sir. Such simplicity.”

“A normal man who fights for Malaysia.”

“The face of a spirited leader is indeed striking.”

“Simple and humble.”

Who would have known a man of such power would live like any other Malaysian? It goes to show that the new government is truly one that sets examples.

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