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Netflix Subscribers are Freaking Out because of a Hoax Roaming Around Twitter!

Bad news y’alls! Bad news!


Netflix subscribers once again flooded Twitter with tweets claiming their Netflix accounts have been or potentially hacked by other immoral users. And what shook the most is that this time around, the hackers come from Malaysia! WHAT?!


This issue has been roaming around since last year, but it was this year that Netflix has finally became the mainstream streaming platform for Malaysian viewers. Hence, this explains why Malaysians are starting to freak out because of this mix-up. Some Twitter users went to Twitter to unleash their frustrations and anger while some even mock the hacker for having the skills to hack people but unable to find a proper job to use that skill.

One Twitter user expressed disappointment in his tweet that reads “what a disgrace to Malaysia, hacking overseas accounts just to start a business selling “shared” Netflix accounts”

Some fortunate subscriber whom haven’t yet became a victim of this hoax expressed how brilliant this is actually as US users are served with a lot more shows compared to other countries.

So for Netflix subscribers out there, BEWARE! And to the hackers, there’s only one thing we have to say.


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