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No Evidence Or Sign Of Suicide-Attempt Yet, Police Revealed Details Of Sulli F(x) Death

Police of Seongnam revealed that they are still undergo investigation in regard of Sulli F(x) death.

With so many media tabloid reported that suicidal might be the cause of her death however, there is no official statement that is yet to be confirmed.  Police, however insisted that they found a note pad written by Sulli but there were no evidence of suicide note.

Allkpop reported that,

According to October 14 KST broadcast of JTBC‘s ‘News Room,’ police have uncovered a note pad containing Sulli’s handwritten private thoughts and feelings during their inspection of her residence. They have confirmed it is not a suicide note nor a diary and have also stated they will not be revealing the contents of the note pad to the public.

According to the report, Sulli had already dead upon the arrival of paramedics. Signs of cardiac arrest and post death paralysis were there. Police also ruled out an attempt of murder, as it was confirmed that there was no sign of any intruder in her residence.

In light to her death, Sulli’s label SM Entertainment has made a public announcement that they are going to hold her funeral in a private location, in order to keep her funeral out of spotlight from media.

Yesterday, Sulli, 25 years old was reportedly found dead in her apartment at Seongnam. Her body was found by her manager as her manager couldn’t reach her out after the last time they spoke on the phone. 

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