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“No Wonder He Wants To Censor Netflix, He Has Another Side Project”-Netizens Were Furious Over FINAS CEO Decision To Launch New Local Streaming Video “Aflix”

Let’s try not to ‘flix’ our finger..

There’s been a lot of heated discussion that recently revolves around National Film Development Corporation FINAS CEO’s Ahmad Idham and his decision to ask the government to censor Netflix’s content and we gotta say we are not really on the same page with him..

First, because the Netflix content censorship can be easily adjusted in the settings and second, honestly we can’t see how it even gonna  “help” to educate the Malaysian..

Ahmad Idham said that his real intention  merely because he wanted the parents to monitor and censor Netflix  contents for their kids as it maybe affect the childhood upbringing, and development..

But netizens had another different reactions to that and we gotta say they’re actually right..

Apparently, we found something rather quite interesting about it on Twitter. Netizens were actually quick to notice that Ahmad Idham’s decision was mainly because he wanted to launch his own streaming service called “Aflix” and apparently “Aflix” purpose is to deliver a brand new “ethical” content to Malaysian..

Look at what these people tweeted

Aflixtv did posted a picture of Ahmad Idham together with their new representative, seemingly a part of new collaboration and project.  After received an onslaught of backlash in the form of Tweets, Ahmad Idham did clarify his decision tweeted that his statement about Netflix mainly because it was a part of his proposal to support the National Council of Women’s Organisations.

With all that is said and done, we gotta say it’s better to focus on one’s improvement or project instead of trying to tear down the competitor in hope to achieve success.



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