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“Not Every Hero Wears A Cape”, Malaysians Completely Drag Her to Filth!

Recently, a tweet went viral!

Apparently in the tweet, an unidentified person ordered for a delivery from McDonald’s. And in the remarks section, the individual requested the delivery boy to sneak in an apple pie even though he/she did not order it. Claiming to like the said apple pie, the individual used the excuse of being “too broke” to afford it.
The remarks for the order wrote:

“Can I have one or two more bbq sauce please and also can you sneak an apple pie into my bag please cause im broke and cant afford it but i love it and also i love you too muack you’re the best”

And this immediately sparked hates from the netizens! Netizens are enraged with comments questioning how is the individual claims to be broke but affords to buy a RM36 worth of meal?

And some even said that asking for extra sauce is already ballsy, yet the individual asked for free apple pie?

Although at first the tweet seems to be funny, on later note, netizens find the act to be disrespectful! 

Maybe the person who ordered the food might be fooling around and maybe the outlet at that time had an extra apple pie laying around to be thrown away. But, it is quite a worry that being “broke” may be used as a joke while there are people out there who are really having a tough time just to put food on their tables.

So what do you think? Do you think such action is acceptable? Was it just a comedic act? Or was it the individual is actually broke and the order is combined with others? 

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