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Our Mums Say If We Don’t Finish Our Rice, It Will Cry But This Twitter User Hilariously Blamed The Plastic Food Container

“Finish your food! Later the rice will cry, you know!”

We’ve all heard of this at least once in our life. If it’s not from our mother, it’s probably from our kindergarten teachers.

Thinking about it, it sounds illogical for rice to cry but don’t deny it, we’ve all been fooled before. There are kids out there (consider myself guilty) that literally believed that the rice that we’ve left will cry if we don’t eat them.

Even though they don’t have eyes, somehow the little kid us believed that rice has the purpose to be eaten.

Of course it is actually a way for our mothers or guardians to make sure we are taught not to waste any food. The message they are educating us with is actually meaningful and deep actually, but the method itself is definitely hilarious.

And this myth has been going on since eons! Even now, there are still parents out there that still use this warning to their kids whenever they refuse to finish their food.

Recently, a Twitter user @j1mspc reminded us of this ‘myth’ when he tweeted this.

Written “Hey rice if you cry blame the food container don’t blame me”, it quickly got people laughing over the silly joke and made them retweet for the joy.

The specific type of plastic food container has always been a ‘pain in the bum’. Owing to how it is designed, people would often get stressed out when rice or any sort of food would stick around its edges and made people to dig deep just to get them out to their spoons.

But do you actually know that the design actually has a vital purpose?

Actually, the extra ridges and nooks inside the container serve a very important structural motive! The ridges are there to provide rigidity without having to make the container extra think.

Think of it as similar as how beans support a roof.

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