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#RIP; Korean Singer And Former Girl Group F(x) Sulli Was Found Dead In Her Apartment

K-wave industry once again were hit by storm with the latest news of Sulli F(x).

The former member of famous Korean girl group F(x), Sulli reportedly found dead, her lifeless body was found by her manager on the second floor at her apartment in Seongnam area, South of Seoul, Korea

Seoul’s police have confirmed the news, but no details have yet to release in regard of the cause of death.

However, many believed that her long term depression was the major factor that contribute to her death. 

Meanwhile,  K-pop fans took on Twitter to express their deepest condolences to Sulli. Many believed that Sulli has hinted on her depression and critical condition for long time, instead of getting the help that she needs, Sulli was criticized over her strange behavior.

it was confirmed sulli took her own life. while the community mourns her, please take time to care for yourself and reach out to someone. there is always someone who can help you. i looked up suicide/crisis prevention hotlines, heres a list. please reach out.

Sulli gained her popularity shortly after her debut with (FX) in 2oo9, she had starred in many popular K-drama series including Hotel Del Luna,Fashion King and To The Beautiful You. 

After the death of Jonghyun,  SM Entertainment once again is in tough spot with the news of Sulli. 

Rest in peace, Sulli.


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