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Robbers Steal Drugs Worth RM30.4 Million in Daring Heist

Ten men pulled off a daring heist, beating up two guards and escaping with 80 boxes of drugs worth a staggering RM30.4 million, at the Customs Department’s Narcotics Unit in Kampung Jijan, on Sunday.

A police source said the robbers, all wearing masks, entered the Customs lot in two four-wheel drive vehicles and a car around 3am.

The men, armed with sticks, proceeded to beat up two guards and tied them up with masking tape.

“One of the robbers told the guards that they were there to ‘recover goods taken from them’. The drugs were kept in a container unit in front of the Customs office,” the source told NSTP.

The robbers proceeded to smash one of the 10 containers and fled with 80 boxes, believed to be drugs.

“Investigations suggest that they knew what they were looking for, as they targeted only one of the containers. There is a strong possibility that the robbers were out to take back items which Customs officers had seized recently,” said the source.

The robbers took 15 minutes to carry out the heist and left the two guards, both in their 50s, tied up.

“The two men eventually managed to free themselves around 5am and alerted their employer. They lodged a report at the Nilai police headquarters at 8am,” said the source.

The heist is believed to be the first of its kind at a Customs office.

Each of the boxes is believed to contain around RM380,000 of drugs, with a total value of RM30.4 million.

Details on what type of drugs, as well as where they were first seized, remain unknown as of now.

Meanwhile, when contacted, Negri Sembilan police chief Datuk Noor Azam Jamaluddin said he is still awaiting a full report on the incident.

Source: NST

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