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Singaporean 5-Star Hotel Fulfils Tourist’s Super Strange Request

In the Western world, it is common for people to make some of the weirdest requests and establishments would usually cater to them anyways. However, Asian countries don’t usually do these things.

Perhaps, it is also because Asians don’t typically request for such weird stuffs. At most, we would just ask for loads of extra toiletries to bring home.

So it came as a surprise when Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel in Orchard Road, Singapore did just that – fulfilling a tourist’s very odd special request.

According to Mothership, the tourist named Elliot made a request to have a specific photo of Jeff Goldblum next to his and his wife’s bed to the 5-star hotel. 

Elliot goes by the username cornwallis1 in Reddit and he decided to share the whole incident with the world on this thread.

Here’s the exchange between him and the hotel staff:

Image via Mothership

The photo that he attached is as below:

Image via Imgur

Many thought that the hotel might just take it as a joke and forget about it, but they proved everyone wrong. Not only did they attach a picture of the celebrity, they went the extra mile too.

When Elliot and his wife landed in Singapore and checked into their room, they saw an astonishing view of the Jurrasic Park star, Jeff Goldblum plastered all over the room!

The star’s pictures were everywhere as there were collages of the star placed in various places including the couple’s pillows, right above their TV and even in the bathroom where Jeff could ‘watch’ them doing their business.

Image via Imgur

Image via Imgur

Image via Imgur

The staffs from the Marriott Singapore Tang Plaza definitely went out of their comfort zones to make sure Mr and Mrs Elliot have a wonderful stay in the hotel.

The bathroom was the best part as the staff had placed a picture of Jeff topless and smiling. Just imagine having the half naked Jeff smiling at you while you’re completely naked. #Creepy

Image via Imgur

Mothership even reached out to the beautiful hotel to confirm the news. The Assistant Guest Relations Manager in charge, Aryani Khalit, said:

“It was indeed our associates who placed the photos in the room for our guest prior to his arrival.

We do hope that the guest did enjoy the photos and it has made his stay a more memorable one.”

Although the staffs had done a great job by pulling this surprise act for Elliot and his wife, Elliot did comment on a small mistake that the staff had made:

“Although they technically failed because the one photo I had asked for didn’t appear anywhere, I’ll take it. Well played, hotel.”

Well, kudos to Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel for fulfilling as well as exceeding expectations!

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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