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Students Become Famous After English Video Project Goes Viral!

Who would have ever thought that a just-for-fun parody video would get recognised by Hollywood famous directors and even the whole world?!

A student in Malaysia, Aiman Sany, uploaded a parody of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War movie trailer onto his Twitter account and it instantly became famous.

Everyone is talking about the hilarious video right now!

They definitely make Malaysians proud!

The students came up with a 2-minute video parodying as the characters in the new Marvel’s movie trailer. Originally, the video is for their English project so the group did not expect a sudden rose of fame after posting it online.

For the video, they used household items for special effects because they had to keep to a low budget.

Eh, but with a low budget and low resolution camera, they actually did a fantastic job.

Image via Twitter

Ultimately, the video caught the eyes of the famous Hollywood directors, the Russo Brothers, who are the backbone of the Avenger series!

They even tweeted about the creativeness of the group on their official Twitter account and praised them publicly.

Image via Twitter

The student who uploaded the video, Aiman, also explained that the filming of the parody movie trailer only took them 1 week.

They might just be the next James Wan.

The sensational video has made 2.78 million views in 3 days and it is flooded with thousands of comments from fellow Malaysians and people from overseas.

This proves that the students definitely have the brains and creativity, and they will surely become successful.

Image via Twitter

By looking at the group’s creative work, we can conclude that Malaysians can also achieve outstanding results that are equivalent to Hollywood directors’ works.

So, we should give more support to movies or dramas that are locally made. #SupportLocal

For those who haven’t watch the funny parody yet, watch it below:

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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