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Suhaimi Saad is Now an Astronomer?!

Suhaimi Saad had recently updated a post on his Facebook account where he was talking about how the size of the sun and the moon were the same.

His post on the issue had received backlashes from triggered netizens, but he continued to make remarks on what he thinks is right. 

Following the incident, this In-team singer openly dared Dr Sheikh Muszaphar, Malaysia’s astronaut to make a vow saying that the shape of the earth is spherical and that NASA is telling the truth.

“Wallahi, Wabillahi, WatAllahi, “The earth is sphere in shape, and NASA is telling the truth”, if he is brave enough, I will stop this research of mine and I will help the FE (flat earth) to get back on track. Without any charges.”

In the previous post, the father of four stated: 

“Show me where is the border line of the sky, as stated in Al-Mulk if the Earth is a sphere. In a hadith, the Prophet Muhammad said ‘Allah comes upon to the sky of the Earth’.

“And Prophet Muhammad also mentioned about the earth’s sky during the mikraj journey. So where is the Earth’s sky? Is it in the north, east or in the south pole? Just keep quiet if you don’t know.”

Suhaimi Saad goes by the name Mosus on his Facebook account. He insists that netizens prove to him that the Earth is spherical.

The singer also mentioned that people should be in silence if they don’t have any idea about what they are talking about.

Mazfahmi Marzuki mada a comment on the Facebook post but got immediately  blocked by Ina Naim’s husband.

In his comment, Mazfahmi Marzuki said:

“This is the world flight route chart. My question is, if the earth is flat, why do flights from Tokyo to San Francisco have to go through that route?

“Why won’t it just fly through Africa and Europe? I want to know what do the FE thinkers say about this.”

This is the response that Suhaimi Saad gave regarding the comment:

“If you want to learn, you have to hold your thoughts. Be patient and don’t be too fast in making judgement. If I blocked you and deleted you comment, that’s a waste because you have to join the haters and make fake accounts to come at me later on.

“I’d like to declare that haters are munafiq and man headed bulls. Haters are stupid because as muslims, they still hate on one another. Muslims are thought to love each other and to forgive. Those who hate muslims are those who do not favour Islam.

“I believe that my actions on blocking and deleting them will bring me good deeds. In sya Allah.”

The public are questioning his actions of blocking people, will it really give him rewards as what he claims it to be? He definitely speaks his mind loudly, but maybe  a little more researching should be done before openly talking about things?

Source: OhBulan

Written by Fatin Zafirah 

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