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Sulli’s Mysterious Drawings On Her Second Instagram Page Raised Curiosity Of Her Real Intention

Following  the sudden death news of Sulli F(x), netizens has shared and collect many evidence that could eventually led to her death. 

Ever since the news of her passed away, Sulli’s Instagram page flooded with condolences and sad thoughts, however Sulli’s second Instagram page that she dedicated for her drawing and arts called be my panties, has garnered many attention. 

Many people begin to speculate that Sulli’s drawings show the sign of her being depressed  and alone. In one particular sketch shows an image of a girl slouching over. The red sketch depicted a sad lonely looking and miserable girl. Sulli’s fans believed that it potray her battle in depression and the condition of her mental state. 

There were few sketches that has raised questions among people, such as the black image of this picture and the red blood picture

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썩지않게 아주오래

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Sulli had spoken up about cyberbullying and admitted about receiving backlash from people on social media over her past behaviors. Was Sulli trying to tell everyone that she was indeed in a serious depressed state or was she actually seeking for help through her drawings?


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