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The Reasons Why Mangala Spa Is The Ultimate Detox And Beauty Retreat For You!

We wish we could do an entire Spa day! 

Are you currently looking for a day trip complete with an ultimate rejuvenate spa treatment? Then, we suggest you to go for a day trip at Mangala Resort and Spa because this ecological spa will give you the ultimate experience of pampering yourself. The Mangala spa is one of the best speciality offers at Mangala Resort 

What are you waiting for? It’s time to renew, relax and refresh!

The Spa is located on a hill overlooking the lake and surrounded by lush tropical plants. 

Mangala Spa is located in the hearts of Gambang, Pahang. One of the best things about Mangala Spa is the serene setting. It is located on a hill overlooking Mangala lake, giving you the tranquility to fully soak in its rejuvenating treatments. 

Mangala Spa and Resort pride itself for being the most ecological resort. Embrace yourselves with the spirits of nature and lush greenery view.

A look Inside Mangala Spa Modern Rustic Concept

The moment we walked into the Mangala Spa, we were amazed with its modern rustic concept and the scent of fresh coconut oil and lemon grass infused. Each room portray a luxurious flair that will make the guests feel like they are at the comfort of their home. 

Soak yourself in the Flower Milk Bath and Himalayan Crystal Bath as you rejuvenate your body mind and soul in the middle of the woods while enjoying the sound of natural waterfall and the scent of the fresh woods. 

Mangala offers you the whole experience of relaxations services that include massages and full body scrubs- From Royal Javenese Lulur to Tasik Spa Luxury 

Pamper yourself with the whole experience of relaxations and sensations at Mangala Spa. There are various of packages you can choose from body massages, body scrubs to facial, manicures and pedicures.

For the full-service spa menu, you can opt for these package:-

Spa package (RM 400 for 90 mins)

Body Massages (RM 330 for 60 mins)

Body Scrubs (RM 200 for 50 mins)

Body Wraps (RM 220 for 50 mins)

Tirta Dewi Facials (RM 260 for 60 mins)

Baths (RM120 for 30 mins) 

Find the full packages here

The Coconut Spa Indulgence – Most Sought After Treatments Among Guests 

One of the most sought- after treatment is the Coconut Spa Indulgence, FYI, the coconut is a fresh ones planted at the resort. 

The Coconut Spa promises to rejuvenate your body as you pamper yourself with 30 minutes body scrubs made from grated coconut and coconut oil, quickly followed by 20 minutes relaxing bath with coconut milk and finally enjoy your 60 minutes with 100% natural virgin oil massage. 

This treatment worth RM 390 for the full whole 110 minutes! 

Get 20% for all treatment now!

Early birds get the worm! Don’t forget to drop by and book your session between 1 PM to 4 PM and get 20% for all treatment. 

For more info, visit their website at The Mangala Resort And Spa or reach to their hotlines 09-505 7788.

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