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These Are 5 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Asia’s Fittest Party’; The Music Run

Dubbed as the “Asia’s Fittest Party”, The Music Run will be back on November, promise you the most hype and fun run party with the element of upbeat music.

And here are 5 things you didn’t know about The Music Run that will take place on this 23rd November 2019!

1. The Music Run will be Malaysia’s first eco-friendly mass participation event, making sustainability as its primal focus. The event will focus on spreading awareness and encourage participants to embrace sustainability in order to shape a more responsible society. 

Source: Yahoo!

2. Go green and no plastics, The Music Run will eradicate the single use of plastic bottles, the event will also implement water filtration, recycle and food waste management program

3. The Music Run sponsored by CIMB teamed up with YTL Group Sustainability will track all the greenhouse gas emissions produce.

Source: Yahoo!

 4. Race winners will also receive Malaysia’s First Winners Trophies made from recycled E-waste provided by CIMB in collaboration with ERTH. 

5. TMR by CIMB will also partner with Paperway to makeover its iconic “Rock Hand” giveaways using recycled cardboard, to replace the traditional foam used in previous years. Paperway will also be supporting the event with unique recycled cardboard tables and chairs for participants to relax at the Food Village. 

Source: Yahoo!

For more more info and further details, check out : Asia’s Fittest Party’ The Music Run Is Back On November. Don’t Miss Out!


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