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This Man Literally Went Out Of His Car In The Middle Of A Traffic, Picked Up A Trash And Brushed It Off On The Litter On His Face

Littering; no matter how many times we’ve educated the public and multiple awareness campaigns had been done, there’s always people (few of them, hopefully) that always neglect their responsibilities as Earth-dwellers.

Not only the Earth is slowly getting exploited by humans, its people sometimes refused to acknowledge the harms and dangers they had brought upon this Earth!

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Littering is one of the immoral and irresponsible things that (some) people do! Not only it pollutes our views with horrendous rubbish, they put the Earth’s well-beings in danger too.

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On a recent video Tweeted by @TypicalMsian; recorded from another car’s dashboard camera, showed one thoughtless Malaysian casually throwing out rubbish from his car during a traffic jam. Without even a slightest shame in sight, the passenger of the said car rolled down his car window and litter out what seems to be a package of an item feeling unconcerned.

But the video didn’t become viral for the wrong reason, instead it received for more than 10,000 retweets and 9,000 likes when a man — the owner of the said dashboard camera, went out from his car, picked up the rubbish and literally place it at the front panel of the litter’s car!

Now this is what we define “not all heroes wear swords”!

Kudos to you sir! Not only you’ve educated irresponsible people not to litter, you’ve also shown that there are people out there in this community that has a forward mentality!

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We need more people like you! So next time if you see anyone’s littering, don’t just do anything! Instead, be better and do what’s right! Let’s save our Earth!

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