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This Model is So Ridiculously Perfect that It’s Becoming Disturbing!

Before we start anything, just take a look at these shots!

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Shudu X @wwd X @itsclo3d . . Styled by @thealexbadia Dress by @thegreateros_ Article by @hernameislex . . #boomerang #3d #clo3d #digitalart #shudu #digitalsupermodel #thediigitals

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Isn’t she ridiculously perfect?
Up from her facial features to her slender silhouette and her faultless skin , she’s just beyond perfection! She’s so perfect that it seems impossible how a human being can be so perfect!
With her gorgeous deep skin colour, Shudu, the African supermodel started to gain fame with her outstanding debut in 2017 thanks to the Queen Rihanna herself. It all started when a picture of Shudu’s sporting a lipstick from Fenty Beauty stormed every platform of social media.
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??? . . [email protected] . #fenty #fentybeauty #mattemoiselle #sawc #3dart

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Since then, she had gained a lot of respect and support from fans all over the world, especially by the women of colour. Shudu immediately became the pride and face of female empowerment and diversity appreciation! 
However, she’s not what she seems!
Her beauty is so unreal, and that is because she is NOT REAL! Gag!
Shudu is actually the world’s first ever digital supermodel, created by a fashion photographer Cameron-James Wilson in April 2017.
Cameron-James Wilson, Shuhu’s creator, digitally created the supermodel inspired by the beauty of the South African princess Barbie doll because Wilson sees a lack of diversity in the modelling world.
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I’m back!! ? . . [email protected] . . #3dart

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With her super realistic features, it took many moths for internet users to realize that she’s not human-like, despite the fact that the virtual supermodel has racked up 184k followers on her Instagram account!
Since her reveal, the public gave off mixed reactions! Some supports Shudu because she empowers women of colour to be themselves and love themselves, while the others pointed out that Shudu was just a medium for another white man to gain off profit from a woman of colour without having to pay her.
So what do you think? Is Shudu’s creation appropriate or it’s just a stunt of a fake woke?


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