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“This Roti Jala is More Structured than My Life”

The twitter peeps have done it again people! And this time around, people are buzzing about Roti Jala. YES! ROTI JALA! Who would have thought that the OG local dish would become the people’s talk today? 

If you haven’t heard or seen Roti Jala before; firstly, where have you been? And secondly, you’ve literally missed one of the best, most scrumptious, most addictive and most flavorful Malayisan dish ever existed! Roti Jala, that is literally translated as “Net Bread” is a well-loved Malay tea time snack (that is also often enjoyed during breakfast) that is served with curry of all sorts; typically chicken, mutton or beef. The dish can be found all over Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. It most popular for its unique presentation that looks like a lace doily due to the way it is made.

According to Makciks-Makciks all across the world, Roti Jala is supposed to be eaten at least two pieces per serving because let’s be real which Makcik would ever let their guests eat little in their house? Duhhh


Despite being loved by many, Roti Jala has always been overshadowed by Nasi Lemak, another signature dish that previously became a hot topic because a certain chef commented a Makcik’s Rendang in her Nasi Lemak weren’t crispy enough. LOL!

It was one day a tweet from Twitter user under the username @permyesuri went totally viral for her mother’s unique and unconventional Roti Jala which translated as “It has been three years quarreling with Mama each time making Roti Jala because I’m a strong defender of the typical roundish bread but Mama still love the “tikar mengkuang” grid. This time, I won’t be rebellious anymore”

The tweet immediately got major attention with people impressed and shocked with the never seen before perfectionist Roti Jala.

Some even made an extra mile to do rainbow Roti Jala. HAHA let’s just hope the Pretty Patties incident from Spongebob Squarepants won’t happen again.


A twitter user @zhantafa took this opportunity and started a poll, debating which Roti Jala is superior. The OG Roti Jala or the perfectionist Roti Jala.

Twitter is really one of the wonders of the world! HAHA

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