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This South Korean TV Personality Literally Had The Saddest Yet Funniest Turkish Ice Cream Experience Ever!

Turkish ice cream; it’s either you love it or hate it.

As the name suggest, the frozen delicacy that’s originated from Istanbul is one of the most controversial desserts in Malaysia because us Malaysians have a love-hate relationship with the sweet treat. Literally taking from the Turkish word ‘freezing’, dondurma is the delicious Istanbul rendition of ice cream.

▲ The Turkish Ice Cream, or Dondurma is stretchy, creamy and elastic, yet delicious.

Unlike the typical ice cream we’re so accustomed to, Dondurma is sweet, creamy, stretchy and sticky at the same time! And what makes Dondurma more special amongst others is the tricks of the trade.

Buying Dondurma is as much a novelty as eating it. Because for each order, you’ll always see a group of people crowding around the area watching while laughing as the cheeky ice cream sellers trick the buyer—passing the scoop of ice cream from cone to cone while the buyer eagerly (mostly fails) to catch it.


And because of this some people HATE buying this Turkish ice cream because they don’t want to get embarrassed while some literally had the joy of their lifetime making fun of others!

Recently, there’s this one South Korean TV personality—Yoo Byung Jae, who tried to experience himself the Turkish ice cream experience. Maybe he had seen all the crazy tricks from the Internet and he was so eagerly to try it himself.

image taken from: soompi

But then, his Turkish ice cream experience literally took a turn he (even other people) never expect! Just watch!

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Literally, the expression in his face is the gem of the whole video! That moment when the Turkish ice cream seller gave Byung Jae his ice cream trick-less, Byung Jae’s expression literally too the crown!

He must be so confused with the whole situation and because of that, the video blew up on social media. Uploaded from his Instagram, the short clip got its well round around Twitter and other social medias. 

Maybe Byung Jae was expecting something like this, but what he received was plain comedy!

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