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Twitter Went Wild When Founder Of Amazon Donated “Three Minutes Of His Day” To Australia

It all started from a single tweet.

Jeff Bezos—the founder and CEO of Amazon—revealed on his Instagram account that the American multinational technology company will be donating a total of $1 million Australian dollars (which calculates roughly to $690,000 USD) in effort to help Australia’s recovery from the devastating fires.

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The infernos that have taken over 25 million acres of Australian land, killed nearly 1 billion animals and had perished 27 people in the blaze, Amazon’s contribution to the country was an effort and hope to provide relief to communities that are impacted by this natural disaster.

However, when this news broke into the Internet, some people pointed out that the CEO literally donated “three minutes of his day” in effort to aid the country.

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In 2018, Jeff Bezos was denoted as the world’s richest man with his net worth up to $20 billion in that year. According to a report, Bezos was making $231,000 per minute in 2018! Hence, when people—especially on social media—pointed out how his donation is only equal to his three-minutes-worth of pay, they can’t help but make their humorous comments.

source: cnbc

Some even had listed down names of generous people who are making lesser that Bezos but made much bigger donations to the country.

If you think about it, it is funny how $690,000 USD is only equivalent to the founder’s three-minutes-worth of income but at least he donated, right? 

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