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[UPDATE] BY9 Might Actually Debut!

Shocking! Right after all the hype for ‘Produce X 101’ spin-off group ‘BY9‘ went totally viral on social media, a South Korean industry representative has actually came forth saying that they are looking into the matter.

JoyNews24 reported that fans’ demand regarding BY9’s debut had actually reached the ears of the agencies and the trainees themselves. In fact CJ E&M has also kept a close eye on the topic and will review the possibility of BY9’s debut if the management agencies for the members show positive feedback.

Based on the fans’ ballyhoo and the already existing pre-debut fandom, if were BY9 were to debut they are expected to be one of the most buzzed about group in the K-pop industry. And they may potentially be a close competitor of X1.

Wow, tea!

However, there are yet plans confirmed. No one knows if the agencies for the eliminated trainees have actually talked about this or not. But one thing for sure is that anticipation from fans are very high!

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