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Urbanscapes 2019; Malaysia Longest Creative Arts Festival Attract 85,000 People In Just Nine Days

Festival goers went wild at Urbanscapes!

Malaysia’s longest-running creative arts festival Urbanscapes has officially ended after nine days. With a total of 80 programmes in various locations around KL, it was quite a festival to remember. FYI, this year’s festival gathered a record turnout close to 85,000 festival-goers!

There were a lot of heart pumping activities, from music, theater, public art, dance, film to food.  The festival ended with special performances from local and international artists  like Glass Animals, The Drums, SALES, Jakob Ogawa, The Marias, Colde, Boy Azzoga and other local artists. 

Here are some of the best highlights!

“For the 17th year, Urbanscapes has grown to become an annual celebration of this beloved city and we are very thankful to all visitors and festival-goers alike for their support as well as our partners,” said Adrian Yap, founder of Urbanscapes.

-Adrian Yap, founder of Urbandscapes-

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for next year’s festival and get yourself ready for the best nights of your life!

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