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VMA 2019 is Under Fire when #VMAsRacist Trends on Twitter

On Tuesday July 23rd, MTV revealed the nominations for its 2019 Video Music Awards (VMAs)! While other parts of the world are excited to vote for their favourite artists, K-Pop fans felt cheated!

For the first time in history, MTV VMAs have added a new category in this year’s line up, which is ‘Best Kpop’! BUT, if you thought that the expansion of the category would excite the fans of the music genre, then think again.

K-Pop fans, especially BTS’ ARMYs have taken over Twitter and other social media to express their disappointment and dissatisfaction towards the discriminatory acts towards K-Pop artists.

Despite being nominated for four categories for the VMAs — ‘Best Collaboration’ (with Halsey), ‘Best Art Direction’, ‘Best Choreography’ and of course the new ‘Best Kpop’, ARMYs using the hashtag #VMAsRacist to exhibit their outrage that VMAs purposely create another category just to remove BTS in top categories like ‘Video of the Year’, ‘Artist of the Year’ or ‘Best New Artist’.

The debut of the K-Pop category isn’t the first time VMAs has had a division for a specific ethnicity or global region of origin in mind; they have had a ‘Best Latin’ category. However, some ARMYs still contended that represents racism acts too.

Less vocal about the new category however are the fans of other groups that are nominated for the award. BLINKs, MONBEBEs, YOUNG ONEs, NCTzens and EXO-Ls are excited to see their favourite artists get extra attention from audience out of South Korea.

The other five nominated acts are Blackpink, Monsta X, Tomorrow X Together, NCT127 and EXO.

Do you think ARMYs are overreacting? Or they are doing the right thing to prove that their favourite deserves to be nominated in major awards?



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