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We Can’t Figure Out If This Designer Brand ‘Ramen Shoes’ Is A Joke Or Is A Joke!

Don’t eat the carbs, wear the carbs!

The Italian luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta just took this phrase literally! Known for their luxurious and high-class footwear, one of their 2020 pre-fall collection just became an Internet meme as soon as the shoes were revealed to the public—according to New York Post.

Described as ‘Ramen Shoes’ by the meme-enthusiasts on the Interweb, these savoury (with a slight kick of spice maybe) sandals were immediately tossed in the meme most-pit by the Instagram fashion page Diet Prada when they compared the shoes with a brick of dry Ramen.

Without a doubt, Internet users quickly jumped on the table and serve the guests with their humorous and witty remarks about the shoes!

“Chicken noodle shoe with a soda on the side.”

“Seasoning packed included or nah?”

“High sodium or low?”

Whether this is a strategy for Bottega to win over the public’s attention or not, the fashion phenomenon has definitely turned into a meme no one had ever expected.

So next time if you have a midnight craving but on a diet, just put on these shoes and you’re good to go!

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