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“We never thought about becoming millionaires but…”

Four brothers who always chipped in to buy numbers together, took home a whopping RM11 million pay out through the Sports Toto 4D Jackpot 1 on July 28.

The lucky winners aged between 40 to 50 collected their winnings at the Sports Toto headquarters here recently.

“When we see that the jackpot amount is quite high, we will start pooling our money to buy numbers and this has been a practice among us for many years,” said the eldest sibling.

He said the winning pair of numbers was not some special numbers to them as they bought a Lucky Pick System 3 ticket.

“We used to buy our car registration numbers but one of us insisted that since we were going to try our luck, why not trying a Lucky Pick ticket and that’s how we won the jackpot,” he said, adding that they usually spent between RM30 to RM50 per draw.

The siblings, who run a family business, said they were quite excited when the oldest sibling told them the good news on Sunday morning.

“We never thought about winning and becoming millionaires but now we believe that the jackpots are actually won by real people,” said the eldest sibling.

“We will split the winnings, pay off our debts and perhaps buy a bigger house for our own family.

We are also relieved that we don’t have to worry about our children’s education expenses anymore,” he said when asked about their plans for their winnings.

The System 3 ticket has won them a whopping RM11,074,692.30 and an additional RM336 as the play method allows them to bet 3 sets of numbers in a ticket, which will further improve the chances of winning.

Source: NST

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