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We See The Dolphins Are Facing Away But Some People Said It’s Facing The Screen! What Do You See?!

Here we go again!

Do you guys remember ‘The Dress’? Yup, the mysterious dress that made the whole world debate whether they are black/blue or white/gold. If you don’t remember, or maybe wasn’t born during that time, this might ring you some bell.

▲ The Dress that splits humanity into two; the ones who saw blue/black and the ones who saw white/gold.

And years later, there’s apparently science involved in the discovery of the colour difference. Even though we can’t understand it properly but it looks like different focus of sight plays a major role in determining the colour of the dress. We don’t want to go into depth about it—if you are interested, you can read it more here.

The Dress 2.0!

But recently, there’s a new discovery of what people say could be the next ‘The Dress’! But this time, it comes in the form of celestial dolphins!


Okay it’s not literally celestial dolphins, but allegedly on a video shared on Twitter, two ‘dolphins’ made out of probably stars were swimming in the galaxy on probably the home screen to a smart TV.

But the question is, are the dolphins swimming away the TV or facing the screen?!

It will take you few looks to actually realize it but once you’ve seen it, you cannot unsee it! Just take a look!

So what do you see? For us, it’s definitely facing away the screen but some people actually see it facing the screen! What kind of sorcery is this?! Literally you need to share this with your friends! 

Show this to as many people as you can and look how many conflicts with you. Whatever it is, these dolphins are definitely trippy!

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