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What the Heck is #FindDali and Why Must We Find Him?!

If you’ve been around Kuala Lumpur these past few weeks, surely you’ve noticed these random signs or stickers with the #FindDali all around.

It has been puzzling the locals because what or who in the world is Dali and why must we find it or them.

After doing a little bit of Googling (remember, Google is your bestfriend), the hashtag led to a website called

Apparently, Dali is a person!

The website welcomes visitors with a simple “Hello, I’m Dali” and based on the short hair of the drawing, it might be safe to assume that Dali is also a man.

Below the greeting is a column to ask Dali any questions at all. There have been numerous hilarious questions posted on the website already which are totally random.

But of course, nothing beats Dali’s answers though. Smothered with wit and a special kind of humour, this mysterious person is able to shed light on the most mundane topics.

Maybe you could ask Dali some fun stuff too so remember to check out the website or follow their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Also, if you happen to spot any of these billboards, share them with us! We’re really curious as to what this whole thing may be.

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