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What You Need To Know About Charmaine Chew, The Girl From Kedah Who Will Be Representing Malaysia In Miss International 2019

Here comes the queen…

Beauty pageant competition is more than just being “easy on the eyes”, there are other criteria that you need to well..consider. Having beauty is not just enough, you need to have intelligence, composure, grace and it’s all about “beauty with a brain”.

For this year Miss International 2019, a stunning girl from a small town in Kedah, Charmaine Chew will be representing Malaysia. 

We are awe!

And here’s some fun interesting facts about this Kedahan girl that got everyone talking.

  1. She’s currently pursuing a degree major in Public Relations at Taylor’s University

Like any other beauty with brains, Charmaine puts education as her priority. She’s currently pursuing a degree major in Mass Communication, and here’s a surprising fact about her, she has double degree and  she even managed to score 3.9 CGPA.  New girl crush alert!

Education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world – Charmaine Chew


     2. She’s a major fan of Muay Thai 

People said “diamonds are girl’s best friends’, but for Charmaine, “Muay Thai is girl kick ass best friend’, not only she excelled in her studies but Charmaine is a major fan of sports Muay Thai. She maybe looks like a lady in the street, but she’s also a fierce fighter in the ring.

     3. An all rounder and versatile.

Being an all rounder girl that she is, Charmaine is also a face of major brands like  Shiseido, Subaru, Sofy, UOB Bank, and Samsung. On top of that, she’s also a host and in 2018, she was invited to speak at TED talk. It looks like she has her finger in every pie. 

   4. She’s a a jetsetter and also a beach lover

Her Instagram posts mostly filled with her travelling pictures but Charmaine is also a beach lover and you can see it pretty obvious on her Instagram posts, occasionally she enjoys quick “detox” from her life. Meditation and enough rest is a must for any beauty queen, after all “the ocean calms the restless soul”..

Charmaine will compete against 82 other contestants from around the world in the 59th instalment of Miss International.

Congratulations and best of luck to our homegrown girl, Charmaine Chew!



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