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YouTubers Allegedly Robbed by Langkawi Hotel Staffs of RM1,400 Cash

What should have been a getaway for this American couple turned into a horrible nightmare when they had RM1,400 cash stolen from their own hotel room, Says reported.

The two, Ryan and Stacia, are vloggers for DeathbyVlog and had intended to stay in Langkawi for some time. They checked into the a famous 3-star hotel after booking it via Agoda.

Since the beginning, it was horrible already. There were bugs everywhere!

Source: Says

Ryan explained,

“I get that we’re on a beach location and resort atmosphere, that there’s gonna be some bugs here and there. I understand that, but they’re infested into the walls!

“There’s ants everywhere, and these weird bugs crawling around.

“We took photos and videos of all of this, just in case we needed to cancel, but we were gonna deal with that. We were still fine.”

But things took for the worst on the third day of their stay. They decided to go down for breakfast in the morning and just as they came out of their room, housekeeping was already there.

Source: Says

Stacia said,

“When we left the room, the housekeepers were right outside. They asked us if we wanted our room cleaned that day, and we said yes because we hadn’t made them clean for the previous two days.

“So we go down for breakfast, and unfortunately, I left my wallet in the room. I knew I left my wallet in the room, and I was like, ‘Oh, we’re just gonna be here for 20 minutes, it’s not a big deal.

“We know that it was a mistake to leave this stuff out in the room. We know we should’ve used the hotel safe, you guys don’t need to tell us that, we understand.”

Of course, when they returned after having a quick meal, the housekeepers told them to wait outside as they weren’t done yet. When they finally left, the tourists found that nothing was cleaned at all.

However, they didn’t think too much about it and continued working inside their room the whole day. Finally, as dinner time rolled in, the couple decided to go out for a meal.

Source: Says

When Stacia took her wallet, that’s when she realised that most of the cash inside was gone.

Ryan claimed,

“Once we realised that the money was missing, I go through my stuff. Every single one of my pouches for my gear, anything that was in my backpack, all unzipped.”

They called in the staffs but obviously, they denied having taken anything at all.

Meanwhile, angered by this, they went to report the incident at the nearest police station. They found the fact that they had to type out their own police report as shady while the policeman just watched football as they did so.

Source: Says

Regardless, it is not uncommon for such a thing to happen as policemen who can’t communicate in English often do this in the absence of a translator.

When they returned to the hotel, the front desk staff informed the couple that the owner and management would like to meet them to discuss and settle this incident, however, they suddenly couldn’t make it the next day.

The last resort the couple had was the CCTV near the room but they were apparently “not working at the moment” and so it did not capture any evidence Ryan and Stacia needed.

Source: Says

The hotel also didn’t want to refund the couple after everything had happened until they contacted Agoda.

“We had to send them (Agoda) videos and photos of the infestation of bugs, the mould, the disgusting room, and the police report because on top of all that, we got our money stolen!

“Finally, they were able to communicate with the hotel and the hotel agreed to give us a partial refund.”

You can watch them explain their story here:

As the video went viral, the hotel stated their side of the story in a Facebook post. The matters got worse as everything they claimed in the statement was countered by the couple once more in an update on their YouTube page.

The hotel even threatened the public not to spread false accusations citing the Anti-Fake News Act.

Unfortunately, the hotel completely shut down their Facebook page after receiving too much backlash.

Comments such as “your company is shady”, “why aren’t you guys taking responsibility”, “didn’t this hotel’s owner landed himself in a scandal before?”, etc. popped up in comment sections as well as reviews everywhere regarding this matter.

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