Attention, agents! 

The most anticipated animation and action packed movie Ejen Ali is set to be released on 28th November 2019 but we have some major news for all of you, agents!

Starting from today, the pre-order tickets for Ejen Ali The Movie are now ready for you to purchase!

Source: GSC

FYI, Ejen Ali The Movie is the most highly anticipated animation action packed movie. It follows a story of  12-year-old Ejen Ali who feel left out when he found out  that he was no longer the only master of the Infinity Retinal Intelligence System (IRIS) gadget, since MATA has now upgraded to IRIS Neo. The new invention leads Ali to question his place and risk everything in his life, including a mystery that linked to his “personal” life. 

Ejen Ali The Movie is produced by Primeworks Studio, in collaboration with WAU Animation. 

Watch the trailer here and don’t forget to visit and to get further details, prices and showtime.

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