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Man’s First Impression of Remy Ishak: “I Thought He was Just a Random Bangla…”

Remy Ishak has always been associated with having the authentic bangla look. And this time around he is really mistaken for being one! 

The 37-year-old actor is also known to perform his prayers despite his busy schedules and shoots. Many netizens second this notion and say that they have seen him at mosques and prayer rooms in malls too.

A netizen, @nfhnafq recently tweeted about seeing Remy Ishak as one of the people who joined the prayers which he led. 

Source: @nrhnafq

His tweet read, 

Yalls, I led a prayer with Remy Ishak joining in just now. Seriously, I thought he was just a random bangla joining me for solat (prayers) together. LOL. I’m sorry Bro.”

Some questioned @nfhnafq asking if it was true and that he is sure that the so called bangla is really the Pujaan Hati Kanda actor. 

The netizen continued to explain the situation in a thread on twitter following the pictures he uploaded of Remy Ishak saying his prayers. 

Source: @nrhnafq

He further explained,

“Okay for those of you who are asking if its true or not, the location is at Wangsa Walk mall. After prayers, I shook hands with my friends and invited them to get out of the surau, and then I glanced at someone in the crowd.

“My first impression was he must of been a random bangla. I swear I’m not lying.

“I wanted to shake hands with the bangla too but the situation was kind of awkward because he was in the middle of saying his prayers. And it took him a while around 3 minutes, so me and my friends just left.

“I don’t get over excited when I meet up with artists. And these pictures were taken as evidence for my friend (his fan).

“And when I was waiting for the grab car to come, I saw him again in his car probably waiting for his driver I guess.

“I’m a not a paparazzi and I just wanted to share my first impression on him. Thank you.”

Many are impressed and praise Remy Ishak’s attitude for always making time to perform his prayers. Netizens have also shared stories whereby Remy Ishak would turn up on set and the first thing he asks is if he can pray first. 

Not only that, he will also apologies to the make up artists for having to reapply his make up after he performed his prayers. 

He’s got the looks despite occasionally being mistaken for a bangla, the attitude and the faith. 

What more could we ask for from Remy Ishak?

Written by Fatin Zafirah 

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