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dUCk Limited Edition Scarves Retail At RM 2,500, Sold Out Within Its Launch!

And they said, Vivy Yusoff is a ‘Thanos Hijabister’.

The famous homegrown brand, dUCk, a brand specially made for “urban millenial” women who wears hijab is launching its new limited Ducks collection and it seems like their “dUCkies” can’t keep their hands off the new duck collection!

The Luxe Chiffon Lace dUCk are limited edition scarves, the material is believed to be “meticulously handcrafted with over 1,300 brilliant Austrian-made Xirius Rose Swarovski crystals”. 

Datin Vivy Yusof, Malaysian’s entrepreneur and co- founder of the dUCk group announced on Instagram that 4 colors sold out around 7.30 A.M this morning. Woah! For a shawl price around RM 2500. Way to go!

Even the box that comes with the Lace collection screams luxury with a Swarovski crystals too.

And as always, there’s a lot of backlash on social media about the price tag, but dUCk isn’t like any other brand as it carries its own target market. Plus, if we were about to take a look on the market of this whole Swarovski -accessorized scarves, the price is considered to be quite affordable. One particular brand once sold their bawal for RM 50,000! You can definitely buy maybe..a bike with that price.

Luxury fashion has its price. If you can afford it, then go for it. If not, then let’s work hard and show some love and support to our homegrown brand. Good job to Vivy and the duck team!



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