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The Korean Version of Suits is Garnering a LOT of Attention!

Many of you would be familiar with the American TV Series Suits. The show is about legal drama and it is already running their 7th season right now.

The show which has been nominated multiple times by since its inception is sure to garner international interest. Fans from around the globe constantly tune into their TVs just to catch the gripping show.

Of course, with such a large fanbase in the Asian region, it comes as no surprise that South Korean broadcasting companies wanted to make their own version of the show too.

This Korean adaptation with the same name has some similarities in terms of the characters but the plot differs somewhat. Due to the typical style of having 16 episodes only for most of these K-dramas, Suits will be like the short-and-sweet interpretation of the American one.

Regardless, now that the episodes are finally airing, people are loving it!

Starring Park Hyung Sik, Jang Dong Gun, Chae Jung An and Ko Sung Hee, the drama is definitely one filled with a stellar cast.

Even the original soundtrack for the show has garnered much interested already. Stay, sung by Apink’s Eunji, is meant for the sad and slow scenes which the singer’s strong vocals help bring out emotions.

Meanwhile, BewhY, a South Korean rapper dedicated two of his latest songs – Man in the Suit and Suit Up – to the show.

Four episodes have been released thus far. Don’t forget to catch the show because it’s sure to captivate any audience.

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