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Being Compared to Kaer Intimidates Megat Mentor 7

Coming from Mentor 7, Megat is grateful and blessed to be given the chance to sing two theme songs of the popular drama series, Nur 2.

The offer coming from Farouk Roman was like a dream come true, says Aizat Amdan’s ex protégé.

“I was delighted and overwhelmed when receiving the news. Abang Farouk gave me the opportunity to sing a duet song with Amylea called Tetap Kamu.”

“But I am afraid that the public might compare my abilities and skills with the previous singer of Nur’s theme song Tak Pernah Hilang, Kaer Azami”

“I must admit that Kaer is a great singer. And I hope that my collaboration with Amylea will satisfy the public and make them accept our sync” says Megat to xtra

Source: Megat Mentor 7 Official Facebook

Megat also says that he is nervously anticipating for the listener’s reaction towards his song since this is his first single that will lighten up a drama that has left a good impression to the viewers.

“I have done my very best! And I am aware that the viewers must have high expectations for the theme song of the drama since the drama has given a big impact towards the viewers.”

“As someone new in the industry, I hope that I am able to show my skills and to show what I am really capable of doing. I also have my own style in singing and I go along my own flow, which I think is the most important.” says Megat.

Megat also sings Cintaku, which is also composed by Farouk Roman.

Besides Megat, Amylea Azizan, Marsha, Indah Ruhaila and Roman are among the singers who will be singing to Nur 2’s OST. The sensational Nur 2 drama, directed by Shahrulezad Mohameddin will be airing in April.

Can’t wait to see what’s in it for Nur and Ustaz Adam this time, and has Kak Aishah really taubat?

If you don’t remember what happened in Nur, you can always recap and watch it on tonton now! 

Written by Fatin Zafirah 

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