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BTS’s Store in Japan Gets Flooded With 15,000 Fans!

BT21 is a collaboration project between BTS and LINE Korea where all 7 characters are all designed and drawn by the members themselves.

All the 7 characters in BT21 represents each member, they are TATA, Mang, RJ, Chimmy, Cooky, Shooky, and Koya. 

Over the last year, BT21 opened their pop up stores all over Korea and this is the first time it reached Japan.

Hence, all Japanese ARMYs are going all out to buy the goods!

Image via Twitter

There were at least 6,000 ARMYs who lined up overnight outside the shop, even though the weather was extremely cold and chilly. But of course, nothing could stop them from being the first to get their hands on BT21 goods.

#Determination #Dedication

Besides, there were around 15,000 ARMYs who visited the store on the actual day!

This definitely shows BTS’s popularity in Japan. Although they have not actively participated in Japanese promotional activities recently, there is a huge fan base in the land of the Rising Sun.

Image via Youtube

LINE released a statement which read:

“The characters in ‘BT21’ are drawn by the BTS members themselves. They created 8 characters to represent themselves and the group.

“When we opened the Harajuku store, so many fans visited in order to buy BT21 and we had a historically explosive response.”

Image via Hollywood Life

For all Japanese ARMYs, remember to look out for your own safety when you are pushing through in the store. Safety comes first.

Although there are no news on when BT21 pop up store will reach our country, Malaysian ARMYs are definitely looking forward to it.

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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