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Catch Dancing Swans in Resorts World Genting this August

Ballet has always been about poise, grace and precision. Non-dancers might see ballet as simply jumping around but anyone who’s ever tried it will know just how difficult it really is.

Which brings the art into greater appreciation as professionals pirouette and flex into their bodies into rhythmic moves. 

Ballet shows are rare in Malaysia which is why we must seize this opportunity catch Piotr Ilyich’s timeless ballet, Swan Lake, staged by The Dance Company in collaboration with Ballet West, right here in Genting International Showroom this August.

Gillian Barton, the Founder of Ballet West UK, said,

“This will be the first professional full-UK cast, full length Swan Lake ballet in Malaysia.

“The significant event is a kick-start not only for the ballet industry; but also for the dance industry as a whole, regardless of genre.

“It creates opportunities for local and international dancers in Malaysia.”

Meanwhile, the Director of The Dance Company, Shannon Lee, said,

“I remember growing up as a child, seeing Malaysia hosting the 98 Commonwealth successfully. 20 years later, I think it’s time to put Malaysia on the map again.

“I believe we can do it, this time through arts and culture.”

The 150-minute production will be led by soloists Jonathan Barton, Natasha Wilson and Uyu Hiromoto together with ballerinas from the UK and all over Europe.

Swan Lake tells the story of Prince Siegfried and Princess Odile whom met by a lake. Obviously, they fall in love but evil sorcerer Van Rothbart curses her and all the maidens to be turned into swans.

Meanwhile, as Siegfried was about to make Odile his wife, Van Rothbart magicked his daughter to look like Odile. The Prince falls for the trick but later realises his mistake.

He rushes towards the lake in search of the true Odile but heartbroken, she jumped to her death. Pained by the loss, he too joined her and they are reunited in the afterlife.

It is a classic tragic story indeed filled with drama but much similar to the theme of our childhood stories; true love defeats evil.

There will be six sensational shows with 1,000 seating each. Details as per below:

Dates : August 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st
  : September 1st
Time : 8PM
Location : Genting International Showroom
Ticket Prices : PS1 – RM988
  : PS2 – RM788
  : PS3 – RM588
  : PS4 – RM388

Genting Rewards Card members get a 10% discount too. For more information, visit Resorts World Genting’s official website or call them at +60327181118.

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