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There has been a lot of hype recently after an interview of BTS by Billboard for the February 2018 issue surfaced.

The 7-member group shared a lot of their thoughts on things that may be considered extremely sensitive in South Korea as well as many parts around Asia; politics, mental health issues and even sexuality.

The interview, conducted by Alex Jung, highlighted how different BTS is compared to other Kpop bands these days. He said,

“BTS simply didn’t have the same feel as factory-fresh groups created to dominate the Asian music markets.”

Indeed, each of the members are truly unique and they bring it out through their own songs, music videos, dance moves and even fashion sense – which is the charm that many claimed to have brought the boys to this extent of fame.

Their lyrics which are often written by the members themselves also often covered mental health issues and facing difficulties in life.

For example, their song Not Today is about fighting, not giving up, working together and facing difficulties head on.

They are also expressive of their thoughts outside of their music.

RM, the leader and rapper of the group, once tweeted that he truly enjoyed Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ song Same Love. However, after he truly understood the meaning to its lyrics, he loved the song even more.

Fans understood this as RM openly in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Source: Billboard

When Alex brought this topic up again, RM’s feelings changed a little as he said,

“It’s hard to find the right words. To reverse the words: Saying ‘same love’ is saying ‘love is the same’. I just really liked that song. That’s about all I have to say.”

However, Suga jumped in immediately saying, 

“There’s nothing wrong. Everyone is equal.”

Source: Billboard

In a previous interview with Japanese Magazine Oricon Style in 2013, Suga’s statement made many fans question his sexuality, SeoulBeats reported.

When asked what Suga notices first when he looks at girls. He replied,

“I focus on personality and atmosphere. I don’t have an ideal type and it’s not limited to a girl.”

This has gotten many people reading into the statement as Suga’s coming out. Though he has gotten the support of many open minded fans, there were others who ‘defended’ Suga by saying it was a mere mistranslation, and that Suga is in fact very much straight.

Well, whether it truly was an issue with translation or not, only Suga would know the true meaning behind his statement.

If he is a heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual or even pansexual, we won’t know for sure unless he makes a clear statement.

All that is confirmed thus far is that the lead rapper of BTS is definitely supportive of the LGBTQ+ community.

Read BTS’ full interview with Billboard magazine here.

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