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Here are the 10 Most-Streamed Female Artists in Malaysia

Beyond just celebrating women’s achievements, March 8th is also observed as a day to highlight the continued fight in shattering gender stereotypes and calling for mutual respect for women.

In fact, women around the world have spoken out on various issues such as female empowerment, equality in wages, ending gender discrimination, and all forms of violence against women.

For many female artistes, they are also using their voice to speak out for women’s rights and empowerment. This International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate strong female voices on Spotify.

The music app has got female-only playlists like Women of Pop, Gold School and 50 Greatest Female Voices.

Here’s a look at some of these powerful celebrities who continue to inspire their fans by simply being unapologetically courageous and uncompromising in their support towards inclusivity for women:

1. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is no stranger to feminism, having called out the double standards imposed on women showing skin. The talented singer-songwriter continues to inspire her fans – both women and men – with her music that’s always laced with strong messages of empowerment and self-love.

She tops Spotify’s list of most-streamed female artists globally from January 1 – March 1 2019, with more than 56 million monthly listeners and yet another hit album with “thank u, next”.


2. Alicia Keys

Beauty standards have also continued to feed into the insecurities of women and young girls around the world. Fighting against societal expectations, Alicia Keys decided to go completely make-up free.

The multi-talented ‘No One’ singer-songwriter is also extremely vocal about her beliefs as a feminist.


3. Beyoncé

But when it comes to the ultimate girl power anthem of the 2010s, it has got to be Run The World (Girls) by the one and only Beyoncé.

The legendary superstar has always empowered her fans since her days in Destiny’s Child and continues to spread the message of equality in her music.

In an interview with Elle UK, Beyonce was quoted,

“I put the definition of feminist in my song and on my tour, not for propaganda or to proclaim to the world that I’m a feminist, but to give clarity to the true meaning.

“I’m not really sure people know or understand what a feminist is, but it’s very simple. It’s someone who believes in equal rights for men and women.”


The 10 most-streamed female artists in Malaysia:

1. Ariana Grande
2. Halsey
4. Billie Eilish
5. Taylor Swift
6. Dua Lipa
7. Lady Gaga
9. Camila Cabello
10. Selena Gomez

Are any of them your favourites?


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