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Here’s How You Can Plate ‘Michelin’ Grade Meals to Further Spoil Your Cats

Last Saturday, Fancy Feast by Purina organised ‘A Meowchelin Feast’ event which introduces a new dining concept experience that celebrates the pet owners’ love for their cats.

The event took place at L’Espace and was officiated by Fancy Feast’s ambassador and Malaysia’s first celebrity cat, Hanis Zalikha and Bujibu, Chairman of SPCA Selangor, Ms Christine Chin Radford, cat influencers and other members of the media.

Our pets deserve the best too!

‘Meowchelin Feast’ by Fancy Feast is inspired by the concept of fine dining and is catered to owners who want to share their luxurious, fine dining experience with their beloved furry friends.

The pet owners learnt how to plate up cat food that is aesthetically pleasing and appetising to elevate their cats’ dining experience, similar to what a Michelin restaurant would serve.

Business Executive Officer, PURINA Petcare, Nestle PURINA Malaysia, Lam Pui Yuee said,

“This is in line with Fancy Feast’s effort in delivering delicious taste and irresistible textures of food made with the highest quality through its range of products.

“This concept is inspired by the change we see amongst pet owners where cats are accepted and treated as part of the family.

“Pet owners are constantly seeking new opportunities to deliver the best food and best treatment for their cats, just like how they would treat their children.”  

Lam Pui Yuee also believes that a finely crafted meal is an approach to shower cats with our love because they definitely deserve the fine treatments available for them.

Chef Nathalie Arbefeuilla, an internationally-trained chef and CEO of Nathalie Gourmet Studio, was also present at the event.

Live demonstrations on food plating for our beloved pets were shown by Chef Nathalie while she shared quick tips with the audience on mastering the basics of food plating.

After the quick session, a mini-contest was held for the audience to try their hand at plating their own version of a Meowchelin plate of FANCY FEAST.

The plating were judged by Chef Nathaline herself alongside Hanis Zalikha, Lam Pui Yuee and the local cat enthusiast, Johan Eskandar.

The event was also held in celebration of Bujibu’s 4th birthday. Hanis Zalikha, Bujibu’s owner said,

“Bujibu has always been a selective eater. His diet mainly consisted of fresh chicken, which at times was a source of inconvenience, especially with our busy lifestyle.

“However, once we discovered FANCY FEAST, it was a blessing come meal time for Bujibu.

“Not only did FANCY FEAST give Bujibu a great tasting meal, it also let us spend more quality time with Bujibu, and we believe that such quality time is essential to maintain our loving relationship with him.”

All furry friends deserve the best nutrients and meals that they can have but not all cats are as fortunate as Bujibu.

Therefore, FANCY FEAST in line with its continuous efforts to drive animal welfare took this opportunity to donate 1,000 packets of cat food to SPCA Selangor.

PURINA Petcare Company is a leader in the pet products industry, dedicated to improving the lives of cats through quality nutrition and care.

With the efforts that they are taking now, they are true to their words and are showing a lot of love for our furry little fellas!

Written by Fatin Zafirah

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